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CHAOS Enrollment Form

Lifetime CHAOS membership is $20.00 for individuals or $35.00 per household. Membership to CHAOS will get you on our mailing list to receive updates to our schedule, invitations to special CHAOS events, group rates for some events, and individual discounts from some area outfitters like Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS).
Dear Hiker,
If you decide that you want to become a member, fill out the form below, print it (using your WEB browser PRINT command) and mail it to the address shown below.

2002 CHAOS Membership Application

Mailing Address
City State ZIP
Home Phone
E-Mail Address
Trip(s) Attended
Where did you
first learn
Membership Classification: (check one)  
Individual $20.00
Household (single family residence*) $35.00
Junior (under 18) $12.00
Senior (65 and over) $12.00
Senior Family (one spouse 65) $15.00
Honorary Past President(65 & over) None



Make Check payable to: Dave Ropiski
and Mail to: CHAOS
C/O Dave Ropiski

1727 Columbia Beach RD
Shady Side, MD 20764



Payment of dues constitutes agreement, of those signed below, with the policies of the Chesapeake Hiking and Outdoors Society (CHAOS), including the following LIABILITY WAIVER STATEMENT, which MUST be signed by all persons age 18 and older who wish to belong to the CHAOS under this application. If this is an application for JUNIOR membership, a parent or guardian as well as the applicant MUST sign. All married persons under 18 MUST sign.

"I am (We are) aware of the risks inherent in outdoor activities. Therefore I (we) will be responsible for my (our) own well-being while participating in the activities of CHAOS, and while traveling to and from these activities. I (We) agree that the CHAOS, its officers, representatives and trip leaders shall not be liable for any injury, loss, or damage to my (our) person(s) or property, direct or consequential, arising out of the activities of the Club. If I am a parent or guardian (if we are parents or guardians) in a family membership, I (we) agree to assume this same responsibility for my (our) minor child (children)."



How did you hear about CHAOS? (Please check as many as apply)

  from a friend
  from the Internet
  newspaper listing
  notice on bulletin board at sporting goods store

VOLUNTEER SKILLS NEEDED - I am interested in helping with:

Administrative:   Hiking/Backpacking:  
Council Member/Committees   Trip Leading  
Computer/WEB & E-Mail   Trip Co-Leading  
Publicity/Exhibits/Display Board   Trip Schedule Preparation  
Telephone Calls   Hike Leader Recruitment  
  Hike Leader Training Program